Crenshaw Corridor

The images below are a mix of cyanotype on Arches paper and ink on drafting film. The drafting film is a translucent paper, and so these ink-on-drafting film works function as negative transparencies that create the cyanotypes–but also function as artworks in their own right. This Crenshaw Corridor series depicts a majority of the speculative, proposed, and already approved residential developments that are attempting to take advantage of the in-progress Crenshaw/LAX light rail addition of Los Angeles subway system. The images are sourced from digital renderings of the properties, and are often abetted by handshakes in the sky, which represent the business deals along a spectrum of corruption. Even though a given development was approved by the city, that doesn’t mean the cost to get there was without some tenuous ethical machinations, or, at the least, the projects launched without neighborhood approval.