The Conversation Art Podcast

The Conversation explores the contemporary art worlds from the inside and the outside. Guests span artists, writers, gallerists, curators and more.
Years active: 2011-present

How I Get By Podcast

How I Get By is a show about how people get by financially and their relationship with their source(s) of income.
Years active: 2018-2020


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April, 2023, Not Such Good Work if You Can Get It, Visual Art Source.

December, 2022: Matthew Cerletty, Visual Art Source.

November, 2022: Off-Kilter at Michael Benevento, Visual Art Source

May, 2022: Barbara Kruger, Visual Art Source

October, 2021: Pipilotti Rist, Visual Art Source

March, 2021: My Battle with the P-Word, Visual Art Source.

February, 2021: Cultural Tensions in the High Desert, Visual Art Source.

June, 2020: Portrait of the Artist as a Novice Activist, Visual Art Source.

February, 2020: Joe Sola, Visual Art Source.

December, 2019: EJ Hill, Visual Art Source.

November, 2019: John Boskovich, Visual Art Source.

May, 2019: Allen Ruppersberg, Visual Art Source.

February, 2019: Nikki S Lee, Visual Art Source.

December, 2018: Adrian Piper, Visual Art Source.